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5 SEO Tactics That Might be Missing From Your Strategy:

SEO in 2018 is not same anymore. Hence whenever you plan your SEO strategy, there are quite a lot of things that you need to keep in your head.

For example, you have to optimize your contents for voice or audio search. Keep looking for backlinks making opportunities. As well as keep your website away from spammy backlinks.

However just to help you out we have brought up 5 SEO Tactics that might be missing from your Strategy. So go ahead and check out if you are using these SEO tactics as your strategy or not:

1) Google Search Console Keyword Optimization:

There are times when we do publish contents without any focus keywords. Also in some cases, such posts get ranked on SERP and get a few impressions. But those contents still faces difficulties to generate clicks.

This is where the Google Search console comes to rescue. Search console displays all the keywords for which you are getting impressions. So you better keep a track on these keywords and try to rank them.

To find these keywords, first, open up Google Search Console. Select “Search Traffic” and then click on “Search Analytics.”

Next, select “Clicks,” “Impressions,” “CTR,” and “Position.” Finally, select “Pages.”

Altogether, these four filters give you a wide range of results.

Finally, select “Queries.”

Filter out the best keyword for the page you didn’t optimize the content for. Check for the keywords with a decent number of impressions but few clicks and a low CTR. Since these keywords have high visibility, you can work on improving your SERP presence so more of those people click through to your site.

Now, optimize the relevant page for the keyword.

2) Use Rich Snippets to Enhance Content:

Rich snippets are an essential part of SEO, and that is why you should use them as well. Rich snippets give the user a visual idea of how the content will work for them.

For example, we have searched “chicken pot pie recipe” on Google and found two websites. Here is the screenshot:

Now here you can notice that one of the websites has the star marking where the other one does not. Now a user obviously would click on the first link. As it is giving us a visual appearance where the other one does not.

The end of the story is, that by using rich snippets you will be able to increase the CTR. Also eventually you would rank higher on SERPs and get more traffic.

3) Develop Optimized YouTube Videos:

Videos are also an essential part of SEO in 2018. That is why you need to develop optimized youtube videos for your website.

However, to make it easy for you here is a short guide:

Choose a keyword and give it a proper title along with an attractive description. Also, add a call to action feature and add a catchy thumbnail. This way people identify your keyword. Also, you have to include the youtube video on the content itself. Plus you have to add the video rich snippets for a better result.

4) Keep Auditing your Backlinks to Check if there are any Spammy Links:

As you are already aware of the fact that spammy backlinks are not so great. Hence you better avoid building them.

Back in the days, one could easily rank a website by making quite a lot of spammy links. But now that just does not work.

That is why you better be careful while link building. However, in some cases, your competitors might make spammy links to your website to steal rankings.

That is why we would suggest you audit your backlinks regularly and look for the spammy links. As well as block those links just to be on the safer side.

5) Optimizing for Audio Search:

We are living in a world where voice assistants are the new trend. Even there are quite a lot of people who love to search the web using voice commands.

Hence if you are not optimizing your website for audio search. Then you are avoiding a great opportunity to get some traffic.

Also, the voice searches are changing the way Google handles a search query. Even there are some people who believe that if you are optimizing your website for audio searches. Then you can rank higher on SERP.

Now check if these SEO tactics you are missing or not. If you are missing them, then it is the perfect time that you should go and implement them on your website.


Kaynat Nasir
Digital Marketing Strategist

A digital marketing consultant and trainer having specialized skills in Search Engine Optimization, PPC, and SMO. She helps businesses achieve their key business goals while improving their online visibility and revenue.