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10 Reasons Why Having A Strong Digital Marketing Strategy In 2017 Is A Must

The world is rapidly changing the course of its existence. Almost every business, be it small or big, is striving for online presence to keep up with the fiercely competitive market. It is 2017, and if you do not have a strong digital marketing strategy yet, you might want to think things through.

Here are 10 reasons why it is an absolute must to have a strong digital marketing plan-

  1. It saves you money– Most apps and social networking channels are almost free, or quite cheap. You can easily promote your business through various channels at almost next to nothing cost
  1. Wider reach– A prominent digital marketing plan can help you reach out more audiences in lesser time than it would ever though traditional marketing. You not only will have access to wider range of people, but also from all across the globe.
  2. Customer relations- A good business needs a strong customer relationship. Meaning your audiences should connect with you. You can achieve this for your business by creating digital content and give your customers something to relate to.
  1. Google rankings- Development of unique and fresh content not only helps in customer relations building, but also improves your ranking on Google. The crawlers constantly search for fresh and new content and improve your ranking on Google search, which in turn can increase your visibility and lead generation.
  1. Improved sales and increased revenue- A well thought out digital marketing plan will give you the advantage to mine out loads of quality data, giving you insights into what your customers are looking for. This process will help you come up with specifically designed marketing campaigns that are targeted for your customers, thus increasing your revenue.
  1. Tracking buyers and their journeys- Tools like Google Analytics give you insight about your buyer’s journey and their preferences, making you more aware of their requirements so that you can offer your customers exactly what they want.
  1. Social Media- Social media is the latest buzz that has taken digital marketing by storm. A good online marketing plan incorporates social media in it. The interactions that come along with social media can give your business a platform to create leads and brand loyalty.
  1. Staying on top of your competitors- The whole world has shifted toward digital approach of marketing by leaving behind the traditional marketing aspects. It only makes sense that you adopt the same approach. Tools like Google Alerts let you track your competitor’s behavior so that you stay ahead of them.
  1. Changing with time- More than half of the world has a smartphone these days. In addition, more than 90% of that lot has access to internet, with access to virtually anything in the world. In these changing times when more and more people are becoming digitally savvy, there is no reason why your business should lag behind.
  1. Finding a direction- Setting specific goals for your company becomes easier through a digital marketing strategy, which not only gives your business a proper direction to work in, but also helps you track your progress sot continued improvement.


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