6DegreesIT offers immaculate end to end software development services to help you grow your business, amplify your ROI and one up the competition. We have a reputation for building applications that serve the cross-functional business needs of our clients. Our bespoke team of competent, professional dedicated and highly qualified individuals value quality and focus on delivering impeccable end to end application development services. We ensure we cater to your exact business needs and overcome your unique business challenges at every stage of software development cycle. From scratch to the sky you will find 6DegreesIT persistently taking care of the roadblocks in your technical journey. 6DegreesIT is a one-stop shop that offers full spectrum of custom software development services that are molded to serve your business needs with precision.
Core Activities :

Business Requirement Analysis
Our team of proficient business analysts and software development experts come together astutely to discover, analyze, define and carefully document your business requirements to help you develop an application that meets your business requirements and entrepreneurial goals.

After careful analysis of your business idea and acquiring deep-rooted understanding of your entrepreneurial objectives, 6DegreesIT designs appropriate wireframes and interactive prototyping. We help you visualize what your application will look like and function like even before we truly begin building it. We develop software prototypes to deeply understand its functions and identify any potential threats or issues before implementation. Prototyping helps our clients determine whether the product is doing what it is intended to do or not and whether or not any improvements need to be made.

iOS, Android & Cross-Platform Development
Our expert teams of dexterous developers excel at offering full-scale iOS design and application development, Android Application Development and Cross-Platform Development solutions as per exact client requirements. All applications designed and developed are in line with the latest technology and adheres to excellent coding standards. With thorough testing scenes, we build applications that are tuned to match your business objectives. Some state of the art tools we deploy to build cross-platform applications includes Xamarin, PhoneGap, Titanium, Kinvey, and Mag+.

Complete UI/UX Design and Graphics
An important segment of 6DegreeIT’s end to end application development is constructing impeccable UI/UX experiences. We craft UI/UX designs are modeled to drastically improve your user interaction and skyrocket your sales. Our UI/UX designs are user-friendly, aesthetically appealing, intensive research-based, business goal oriented and intuitive in nature. Our designs render to all visual and functional elements.

API Management
6DegreesIT configures API for new and legacy enterprise applications. Our efficient API’s enable access to application data, functionality, and business logic. We create impeccable API’s for mobile, desktop, web sockets, browser apps, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), operating systems, and cloud apps. 6DegreesIT has an industry-specific approach towards API management. 6DegreesIT builds mission-critical apps and helps them function to their full potential through effortless integration with internal and external systems and by leveraging as much data and functionality as possible.

Custom Application Development
6DegreesIT offers its global clientele bespoke custom end to end application development services. We help you make a difference with high-quality custom apps regardless of the size of your business and the industry it belongs to. Our end to end application development services are designed to help you fulfill your company’s unique business needs and accomplish your business objectives. We help you explore untapped business possibilities with scalable, secure and sustainable end to end application development solutions.

Quality Assurance Testing
Quality Assurance Testing is a very integral part of our core quality management system. We render high-quality testing services with the aim to continually improve processes. 6DegreesIT has stern quality testing procedures in action such as Functionality Testing, Usability Testing, Configuration Testing, Automated Testing, Integration Testing, Data Migration Testing, Cross-Platform Testing, Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Network Speed Testing, Code Review Testing, UI Testing, and Regression Testing. Our thorough testing procedures ensure conformance of our products with international standards of quality.

All our applications have ingrained user-friendly multiple smart analytics that helps you adequately measure and optimize user acquisition and engagement, understand user demographics, comprehend user behavior, measure performance in terms of revenue and pull out reports specific to your business objective. We craft Analytics that go beyond just basic measurements to facilitate amplified business growth.

Maintenance and Updates
6DegreesIT offers its clients cost-effective, round the clock application support and software maintenance services. It is a vital element of our end to end application development services. Our application support and software maintenance services include adaptive maintenance and support, Corrective Maintenance and support, Perfective Maintenance and support, and Preventive Maintenance and Support. Whether you are looking for application threat management, application performance optimization, application infrastructure monitoring, add on features or regular application updates, our proactive team of developers has got you covered.