CTO as-a Service

6DegreesIT’sCTO as a Service Model has a strong reputation of playing an impactful strategic role in bringing the technical vision, streamlining development, deploying the right IT strategies at the right time, and mentoring people to facilitate quality project execution. Our model is especially designed to cater to a vast array of businesses ranging from early-stage startups, growing startups, well-funded scale-ups and established businesses. Our services enable you to develop and implement technology frameworks that compliment your business strategy. Our team’s expertise can add a significant spark of their valuable industry knowledge and decades of global experience to every project.

Our CTO Outsourcing Model includes :

IT Strategy for CTO Outsourcing

IT Strategy
Our CTOs develop the technical aspects associated with your company’s strategy and align it with your business goals. They facilitate the implementation of new technologies that will yield you a competitive advantage. They also mentor different departments of your company to make use of technology profitably. CTO’s are continuously needed to keep upgrading your IT strategy as and when technological changes start affecting business operations at different levels.

Flexible Approach for CTO as a Service

Flexible approach
Technology has never had a definitive predictive future. Hence our CTO outsourcing services are flexible in terms of dynamism and scalability regardless of the size of your company and the industry it belongs to. Our CTO has an adjustable approach to the technology needs of your company. 6DegreesIT CTOs plans well, tactfully manage competing priorities and correct courses to stay on task. Flexibility is thus, the key to their key to success across a broad array of organizations.

IT Governance and Policies for CTO Outsourcing

IT Governance and Policies
Another significant responsibility of CTO as a service is the application of IT governance and developing and implementing IT-related policies. 6DegreesIT’s CTO builds a framework that offers your organization a formal structure to systematically produce measurable results towards achieving IT strategies. The CTO also helps formulate IT policies relevant to your business and in line with your entrepreneurial goals.

Cyber Security for CTO as a Service

Cyber Security
All businesses need stringent data protection systems to ensure Cyber Security. Our CTO Outsourcing Team offers IT solutions, products, strategies and IT infrastructure solutions strongly enabling Cyber Security. Our economical and disruptive cybersecurity technologies are proven in terms of countering advanced persistent cyber threats.

Monthly Billing for CTO Outsourcing

Monthly Billing
Monthly Billing is another CTO as a Service responsibility that relieves you of executing another major business operation that otherwise demands a lot of time and effort. Our CTOs perform monthly billing for you based on your industry type and your company’s billing policy. They bill your clients based on your requirements.

IT Budget Analysis for CTO Outsourcing

IT Budget Analysis
One of the significant responsibilities of a CTO Outsourcing is to make a prudent analysis of your IT needs of your business and plan your IT budget. With the world witnessing digitalization businesses cannot think of functioning without investing in IT. You will have to embrace digitization at every step you take right from digital payments, online banking, and digital governance to the online marketplace. Hence, businesses need to think much beyond the traditional approaches and embrace society’s technological advancement. We help you build insightful reports analyzing the historical IT trends, the present IT needs and the future IT requirement your business. A CTO also ensures the effective and efficient use of your IT budget.
A number of noteworthy factors give 6DegreesIT’s CTO as a Service competitive edge over other market players. 6DegreesIT has a proven CTO track record for delivering value to its clients worldwide. Our CTO’s are hand selected highly qualified leaders with tremendous real-time industry experience and possess terrific knowledge from the technical standpoint. Our professionals are solution focused CTOs and are dedicated to develop and implement cost reducing and advanced IT.