DevOps Solution Providers
6DegreesIT has a versatile team of expert DevOps service providers that exhibit exceptional talent. Our world-class team of elite DevOps Automation and Integration Specialists, Application Architects, Open Source Technologists, Quality Assurance Professionals, Cloud Orchestrators, System and Database Administrators, and build/Release/Deployment managers work in unison to fulfill your exact requirement. As one of the leading DevOps Solution Providers 6DegreesIT aims at delivering DevOps solutions that dramatically enhance your operational efficiency at an unbelievable pace.
Some of the DevOps Solutions 6DegreesIT offers are mentioned below :

Deployment Automation by DevOps Solution Providers

Deployment Automation
We indulge in automating end to end deployment for all our esteemed clients. We have deployed, automated and managed complex infrastructure for clients worldwide. Our Deployment Automation Services include deployment metrics, single tool deployment in all environments, a single click or continuous deployment and automated, error-free and paced up deployment. We deal with Automated Deployments of Postgres replication clusters, MySQL clusters, and Mongo DB clusters. Automated failover in PostSQL Server, Auto scaling using Amazon auto scaling groups and traffic division across servers using Amazon ELBs.

Continuous Integration & Configuration by devops service providers

Continuous Integration and Configuration Management
Continuous Integration and Configuration Management are two very integral elements of the developmental process. We ensure that the codes are of high quality and are well tested. We offer verified artifacts ready for deployment, high-quality build and code reports. Our CICD practices facilitate seamless coordination between Dev and test teams. Some of the activities we profoundly specialize at include configuration management using Chef, Live mitigation, continuous integration with Maven and Jenkins, GIT server setup and management, CDN setups for Cloudfront, Amazon, Cloudflare, MaxCDN and the like.

DevOps end to end Implementation & Consulting Services

DevOps End to End Implementation
6DegreesIT is a one of the most prominent and leading end to end DevOps solution providers. We offer our esteemed clients expedite application delivery with an end to end implementation of DevOps strategies. We assist you right from the planning stage of DevOps implementation to the release, monitoring and support stage. Our teams of experts’ analyses, designs, constructs, automate and implement according to your business requirements. Continuous planning, integration, testing, deployment ,and monitoring is done for each project. Our expert DevOps service providers have a profound working knowledge of tools such as Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, GIT, Maven, Ansible, Rundeck, Bamboo, Hudson, Jira, Eclipse, Octopus deploy and the like. 6DegreesIT only believes in the efficient delivery of high-quality DevOps implementation.

Microservices by DevOps Solution Providers

The combination of DevOps and Micro services paces up implementation and dramatically improves resiliency. It also increases productivity at an astonishing rate. A Micro service based architecture increases agility, requires very little downtime and helps in developing exponentially scalable and robust applications. Some of the eminent containers we use include Docker Swarm, MesosMerathon and Kubernetes.

Monitoring and Support by DevOps Consulting Services

Full-Time Monitoring and Support
Your journey with us does not end once your product is delivered, it merely begins there. Should you encounter any challenges at any time, proficient DevOps solution providers at 6DegreesIT will be assisting you to successfully resolve it.
Whether you are looking for DevOps solution providers or DevOps consulting services, 6DegreesIT will identify challenges unique to your business, determine the accurate solution and implement it using rigorous methodologies and industry best practices. At the Pivotal of our focus are areas critical to your business and at our bull’s eye are your entrepreneurial goals.