Blockchain Application Development Services

6DegreesIT is profoundly known for offering pioneering and futuristic technology solutions to businesses worldwide. Our team of experts helps you leverage the full potential and benefits of the revolutionary blockchain technology through our expert blockchain application development services. We aim at giving you an edge in today’s Crypto Sphere. We innovatively enable businesses worldwide to adopt blockchain and transform your business from a traditional system to a secure and trusted blockchain based platform.

Our prestigious services :

Bitcoin Wallet Development by Blockchain Developer

Bitcoin Wallet Development
Our blockchain experts help you build your own universal cryptocurrency wallet that can store and exchange digital currencies safely. The top features of our cryptocurrency wallet include two-factor authentication, multi-currency integration, security login protocols, auto-generation of the public key, and auto-denial of duplicate payments. Our expertise lies in Cryptocurrency Exchange platform Development, Decentralized Wallet Development, and Mobile and Web Wallet Development.

Crypto Coin Integration with Blockchain Development Services

Crypto Coin Integration
6DegreesIT helps you amalgamate crypto applications in order to help you enhance your business’s operational efficiency and accomplish your business goals faster. Our Cryptocurrency Coin Integration Services help you build a customized trading platform based on your business requirement and collaborate it with significant encryption techniques and solutions that efficiently monitor the generation of currency units and funds transfer verification. Our integration services include security implementations, payment gateway support and transaction records.

Coin Mining by Blockchain Developer

Coin Mining
When you add transaction records to bitcoin’s public ledgers or the blockchain, the process is termed as Bitcoin mining. 6DegreesIT offers the most advanced cryptocurrency cloud mining services. The allocation method we adopt ensures a higher mining result in comparison to other conventional methods. We deliver transparent mining allotment and are devoted to offering you great user experience. 6DegreesIT is committed to making significant contributions to the healthy development of the coin mining industry.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Management for Blockchain App Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Management
A cryptocurrency exchange is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The software development experts at 6DegreesIT help customers develop the most reliable, private and secure cryptocurrency exchange in the market. Our crypto exchanges are highly compatible with browsers, mobile devices, and desktops. The cryptocurrency Exchanges we develop are capable of trading in multiple currencies, participate in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), make online purchases and examine the history of any block.

Custom Bitcoin Software Development by Blockchain Developer

Custom Bitcoin Software Development
6DegreesIT’s blockchain application development services also include custom bitcoin software development. We offer blockchain programming solutions that are based on the operational demands of your business and your business goals. Our blockchain developers custom builds bitcoin software that is not only enterprise-grade but also maximizes your user experience. We develops bitcoin software that is compatible with all major devices, comes with easy access yet stringent authentication for security purpose. We custom develop Bitcoin software that is secure, optimized and scalable.

Hyperledger and Etherum Application by Blockchain Developer

Hyperledger and Etherum Application
6DegreesIT specializes in developing applications on Hyper ledger Fabric and Composer technology that are enterprise grade. These applications support multiple plug-in components and feature modular architecture. They are immutable and scalable and feature a strong authentication system. The ledgers that we develop programmatically connect you to a highly distributed network that allows you to create, update and submit transactions.
One of our blockchain application development services is building hyperledger and etherum application. 6DegreesIT specializes in Etherum application development that enables your business to function on a highly secure and distributed network. This reduces transaction time and substantially cuts down your costs. Whether you want to store insurance information of document complex financial interactions, our experts can tailor-make ethereum apps to suit your industry needs.