Custom LMS Development

6DegreesIT Custom Learning Management System (LMS)  applications are developed to facilitate tracking, documentation, reporting, and delivery of training programs, educational courses or learning and development programs. We offer all our clients bespoke Custom LMS Development solutions.

Every business irrespective of its nature and size requires Custom LMS Development. Here are some of the reasons why your enterprise needs our LMS Software Solutions.

Key areas we deal in :

Real Time Reporting in LMS Software Solutions

Real-Time Reporting

LMS software can accurately track the progress of the learner and provide detailed reports in real time.

Cross-Device Accessibility with Custom LMS Development

Cross-Device Accessibility

You can access the Learning Management System from multiple devices such as tablets, computers, and smartphones. We build custom LMS software that is multi-device responsive so that you can very conveniently access the courses anywhere anytime on any device.

Multilingual GUI in LMS Software Solutions

Multilingual GUI
If the courses are to be available and rightly accessible in multiple languages, Your LMS software ought to have a Multilingual Graphical User Interface (GUI). This will reduce your effort in terms of uploading multiple courses, multiple times. It will also remove the possibility of duplication of work. Our LMS software with multilingual GUI will make it extremely convenient for the learners and administrators to manage centrally translated courses.

External Tools Integration with Custom LMS Development

External Tools Integration

Our LMS software can be easily integrated with external tools such as HRIS system, Workforce Management Systems, talent management software. Our LMS Software Solutions give you the options to custom integrate it with the systems you are using in your organization. This helps you manage your systems efficiently.

Customization Possibility with LMS Software Solutions

Possibility of Customization

Our Custom Solutions give you the extensive scope of customization. You can pick whichever features that suit your needs. This lets you make your LMS more users and administrators friendly.

Immense Experience in Custom LMS Development

Immense Experience
6DegreesIT holds immense experience and immaculate expertise in developing Company Specific and generic LMS. Our generic modules are developed to fit your business needs. We also develop company-specific LMS modules based on your detailed request.

Customizable User Interface in LMS Software Solutions

Customizable User Interface
We build user-friendly fully customizable User Interface (UI). Customization of graphical representation of the different courses inclusive of video integrations and live conferences, brand customization, report customization, theme and design customization, easy integrations with existing software and external tools, convenient updation of content or product information and easy integration of social learning experiences are some of the key highlights of our customizable UI.

Multi-domain LMS Expertise with Software Solutions

Multi-domain LMS Expertise
6DegreesIT holds a multi-domain LMS Expertise. This means we help you develop and manage different portals for partners, customers or departments. Multiple domains can have unique characteristics such as authentication mechanisms and a group of administrators that can be controlled from a centralized location hassle-free.
6DegreesIT is committed to delivering highly reliable, flexible and scalable Custom LMS Development Solutions that meet your organizational goals and helps you efficiently manage your training initiatives.