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Influencer Marketing & Everything you Need to Know

What is Influencer Marketing?

If you’re an active individual on Social Media, then you must have come around to promotions that are done through social networking websites. This may be on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

The basic concept of Influencer Marketing is for individuals or organizations to find an “influencer” on social media to promote their product or service. This influencer may be a celebrity, someone internet famous, or a well-known company. And so, the individual or organization can ask, pay, or collaborate with the influencer to promote their product or service through their social media accounts.

Let’s take Kylie Jenner as an influencer example.

Kylie Jenner is a business mogul with her makeup line, she is a TV Star, and even has 96 Million followers on her Instagram.Every now and then, she posts pictures of herself along with the product supplied by HiSmile. This product is a teeth whitener and they have tied up with Kylie Jenner for her to promote their product. This promotion involves a clear picture of herself with the product and a caption expressing her use of the product and where people can go to purchase the product themselves.

Mostly people in their teenage years, or young adults follow Kylie Jenner and so HiSmile chose a perfect influencer for their product, since their target audience is also teenagers and young adults.

How do Marketers choose the right Influencer?

  1. The image portrayed by the influencer must connect well with the image of their brand.
  2. The influencer must be powerful enough to impact the target audience of your brand.
  3. The potential customers of the brand, and the followers of the influencer must be almost alike, or lookalikes.

How can you get involved with Influencer Marketing?

Since influencer marketing is a growing trend for marketers, there are several tools available for marketers to easily begin this type of marketing. Those tools are:

  1. Right Relevance Pro

This tool lists all the potential influencers that are right for your brand. And so, from the list you can select the one you want to promote your product or service with the utmost relevance.

  1. Twtrland

Twtrland is a tool which allows you to search for the type of target audience you want and then it lists the influencers that are followed by that Celebrity, Power User, Casual Influencer, or Novice.

  1. Kred

Kred is an online tool which not only finds influencers for you but also uses metrics to inform you about the level of influence that influencer has on its followers.

  1. StreamView for Instagram

This tool allows you to find Influencers in a local area. All you must do is search for tags, location, or people. And so, this tool automatically finds the right influencer for your brand.

  1. Follower Wonk

This tool helps you find the right influencers on Twitter. All the marketer has to do is select the required parameters as per your requirements. These may include the location, keywords, the followers, the number of tweets, etc.

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