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Are you looking for app developers to build customized apps for your businesses? These days, mobile applications offer a distinctly different experience from browsing the mobile web and they allow faster access to information on a platform specifically created for a target device.

We at 6DegreesIT, deliver innovative mobile solutions that can help you to boost branding and engagement, cut costs, improve productivity and generate new revenue for your business. We have top mobile application developers whose development skills are backed by expertise in mobile app strategy creation and customized mobile phone programming for both Android and iOS.

Our team of mobile application developers provide economical solutions by isolating components in an application that hinder development, and solves the problem with effective and industry standard techniques. We have extensive expertise in building apps both in Android and iOS. To build a quality app that is nicely designed, user friendly, functional and scalable, you will need different talents with different experiences and specialties, and this can add substantial cost to the app project.

  • Here is what we do at 6DegreesIT when it comes to Mobile App Development:


    App wireframing It is the most important process of building an app. This is because it will build the foundation of how the app needs to be designed and function. In case of mobile apps, it is much more time-consuming and costly to redo the screens or rebuild functionality than a web app, so it is important to build the wireframes before starting the development. In this process, an app UX specialist and an app developer need to have some brainstorming sessions with the project owner to iron out how the app is going to be designed and function. The more complexity, or the more screens the project has, the longer it will take to complete the wireframing. To complete the wireframing, an app UX specialist draws up the navigation, screens and all of the elements that go into the app screens and the developer keeps noting the functionalities for each screen.

    Designing Screens

    App design Screen for different devices: iPhone, Android.
    Our designers are specialized to design for different devices: iPhone, Android. Our mobile app designers have the experience and the vision of how different objects or graphic elements are going to look on small phone screens and on different resolutions. They also use the right size, right graphics and icons, and themes for the app.

    Programming the app screens

    Programming the app screens
    We have developers with experience in Objective-C for iOS, and Java for Android. They are specialized and quite experienced in iOS development or Android Development.

    Writing server side application and APIs

    server side applicationOur Programmer have ample experience in writing maintainable code with best security standards and performance.


    Quality AssuranceOur Quality Assurance Specialists are very detailed oriented and have experience in looking for the functionality and design issues that are usually not easy to see by the Developers. Our QA team is involved from the inception of the project till end so they have complete understanding of the app to deliver the quality product.

    Deploying server-side application

    Deploying server-side application
    At 6degreesIT, we have experience in installing the application, creating a reliable server environment, database redundancy, backup, security, performance and scalability of the application.

    Deployment of the app to the app store is usually an easy task.

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