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Duke City Urgent Care aspired to serve the community by providing efficient and prompt medical services, hence, they required online mobile services which will focus on the online and walk-in appointment scheduling and instant communication with the consultants and doctors for the right level of care.


We developed 2 applications: a MedicBuddy app, where the patient or their family member is able to schedule appointments within a minute and Medic app, where the Consultants and doctors can see scheduled appointments and its details.

Simple symptom selection

Our intuitive solution lets the user to tap on the human body part which presents a symptom list.

Emergency Support

The app has an option of calling 911 services based on the severity of the symptoms.


The app allows users to track the location and ETA of the doctors and professionals.

Simple navigation

The app lets consultants and professionals navigate to the location of patients.

HIPAA compliance

Our app conforms to the rules of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to maintain safety of user data.

History management

Our app lets users and consultants view the appointment history and details.


The 6Degrees team worked vigorously, right from a careful requirement analysis phase to a rigorous testing phase to build a medical care application that exceeded the clients’ expectations. Our team released a solution which resulted in the following:

Number of Downloads 200+

User Convenience

  • Live tracking of doctors and professionals.
  • Appointment scheduling takes just 1 min.
  • Easy symptom selection.
  • Insurance data protection for all users.
Different patients registered within one month of launch.
Optimization of appointment scheduling.
Improvement in arrival of emergency services.
Patients attended to by professionals at their homes till now.

Technology stack


  • Mobile App
  • Apple Store iOS
  • Android
  • Web Development
  • Node JS
  • React React JS
  • CSS
  • MySQL


    • Just in mind (wireframing & prototyping)
  • Adobe XD
  • IllustratorIllustrator


  • FirebaseFirebase
  • Google-MapGoogle Map API

Testing Phase

  • Jira
  • Manual Testing


  • Apple StoreApple Store
  • Play Store Play Store

The app looks great, we are waiting for it to go live.”

– Duke City