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Machine Learning
Hook Concept


Our client required an app that provides users emotional assistance in their daily lives. They wanted an real-time chat system, which could provide certain stress-busters and mood detection. The app needed to be engaging and intuitive. Keeping the user engaged by implementing HOOK Model Algorithm, Decision formulation based on the Avatar selection and integration of stress-busting activities was a challenge to be overcome.


We designed an intuitive application that helps its users with their mental well-being. The AI app which can hold conversations with the user via auditory and textual methods has a plethora of features and activities that assist the user.

Stress Busters

The app is integrated with games and activities like coloring, happiness rating graph, nature sounds to help reduce stress.

NLP and Mood Detection

Our app was built with Natural Language Processing to converse with the user and detect moods.


The application has a gamified interface for users to be more interactive and enjoy the app more.

User Engagement

The app builds user engagement with the bot via audio journals, goals, reminders and a beautiful interface built with HOOK Algorithm.

Platform Sharing

Our app allows users to share thoughts and photos on an inbuilt platform as well as other media sharing platforms.

Progress Tracking

Users can track their progress as well as history of activities done on the app.


The 6Degrees team worked vigorously, right from a careful requirement analysis phase to a rigorous testing phase to build an AI application that exceeded the clients’ expectations. Our team released an app which resulted in the following:

Number of Downloads 11000+

User Convenience

  • Intuitive & Beautiful UI.
  • Daily motivation and goals.
  • Focus improvement methods.
  • User Analytics for Admin.
Users within one month of launch.
On average, are spent daily on this app.
Users reported reduced stress.

Technology stack


  • Mobile App
  • Swift 4.0Swift 4.0


  • photoshopAdobe Photoshop
  • IllustratorIllustrator

Testing Phase

  • Jira
  • Manual Testing


    • FirebaseFirebase
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • DialogFlow
    • Google Vision


  • Apple StoreApple Store