• Do You Wonder?

    • I need to build an App , what do I do?
    • What should I build into my app?
    • iOS or Android or Both?
    • What about RIM or Nokia or Windows mobile?
    • How do I get my app on the App store?
    • How will the app make money?
    • Will my website open properly on my clients cell phone?
    • What kind of intelligence will the app give me?

    Why Choose Us?

    • We can work with you from discovery to delivery
    • We can help you come up with a concept for your app
    • We can help you use the data that your app generates
    • Multi platform (iOS / Android)
    • Reputation of adoption and usability focus
    • Large global customer base

    Value Proposition | Mobile

    Mobile technology is experiencing the fastest growth today. Every indicative trend points to the fact that the future is mobile. Ubiquity, rich functional utility and access from anywhere are features that every user seeks in today’s applications. Moreover, manufacturers are engaged in a feature war, which opens up new possibilities for applications every day.

    Strategic approach is the key in being effective in the mobile world.

    6DegreesIT can deliver end-to-end solutions from Concept Analysis to application delivery.

    Our strong expertise in marketing helps us design applications that provide a strong customer engagement. Our focus on scale ensures that your application will endure the “Viral Threat”.

    Our team is well-versed with multi platform (iOS and Android) and multi system integrations, hence we have the power to take your enterprise mobile.

    We are experts in usability and adoption; our design team is highly experienced in mobile layouts.