Custom LMS Development

If you are looking for the best Online Marketing for Local Businesses, then you have come to the right place. At 6DegreesIT, we specialize in promoting businesses on Local Platforms in order to help them access the major share of the market. So, whether you have started a Start-Up, or you are a small-scale enterprise looking forward to making its mark on local geographic to attract attention and traffic to your brand, we provide you best strategies that are sure to propel your business to the top of local searches.

Here is what we have on offer :

Social Media Marketing / SEO

Social Media Marketing / SEO

When it comes to promoting Local Businesses, it is very important to strike a right chord with the local audience to have a connect with them. With years of experience in Local Marketing under our belt, we create blogs and posts for your Social Media Pages in a carefully crafted way, where we include local language and reach to hit the audience where it matters the most.

Our team of highly experienced SEO professional help you to increase the traffic by devising the best local SEO strategy for your website. This helps your brand to connect with the Local Audience the moment they make a related search for your Services or Products.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

As blogging and micro-blogging is becoming popular with time, blogs are becoming a great means of promoting business online and are a useful tool for Online Marketing for Local Business.
We make use of Infographics and Video promotion for your products and services and conceive beautiful data visualizations for your brand and share the same over various local platforms to connect and attract with more Local Traffic and garner more attention for your website.
You would be surprised to know that a good blog on regular basis can increase the local lead generation of your website by 126%!


Local Listing
We help you by putting your brand over Local Listings, so that it garners as much attention as it can. If the locals are not able to find what you have on offer, then you are more likely to miss lots of leads on daily basis. Local people always tend to search the local listings and we help you position your brand right where the potential customer is looking for.

At 6DegreesIT, we don’t believe in turning our backs when the work is done. We understand the value of having long relationships with our clients and we are in constant quest to deliver the best to your brand, so that you keep coming back to us! We are forever committed to the prosperity of our clients and take immense pride to have played an important role in your success!

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