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The main motive was to widen their customer base by enhancing its organic search rankings in Hong Kong.
They had tailored their solutions to meet the demands of legal professionals who want to pursue CPD and RME and reach out to them with the help of digital marketing solution.
The site suffered from lower search engine rankings and poor customer visits. We took the challenge as the opportunity to increase the website visitors and enhance the conversions by business listing and improving overall search engine ranking.


Online training is all about making training easier, more efficient and structured so that it benefits you and all of your learners.
The client’s mission was to provide the finest selection of affordable and accredited legal e-learning courses in Hong Kong that are available anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What they didn’t know was how to drive more qualified visitors to the site and increase lead generation. So they came up to us.
Our strategy was to design a marketing plan for the website to provide a large section of law courses online.


The website experienced drastic improvement in the results from our digital marketing efforts. In one year, they saw increase in several critical areas. We were able to boost organic site traffic, increase awareness, generate new leads & revenue, and increased reach and engagement.

Number of New Users Increased by842.00%

User Convenience Intuitive

  • Application features.
  • Robust and multi-level user management.
  • Accurate Tracking of employees.
  • Simple statistics inference.
Organic Traffic Improved
Leads Generated in a month
New Organic Users Improved
Revenue generated organically in a month

Technology stack


  • Web Development
  • HTML5 WordPress
  • CSS 3
  • PHP 7
  • MySQL


  • Theme customizationTheme customization


  • Bootstrap 3.3

Testing Phase

  • Manual Testing


  • WP Engine