Custom Solution
Franchise Management


The client desired a cloud-based franchise management software with complete CRM and ERP features, which would work on all platforms and in all devices for managing franchise at a global level. Integration of various third party systems and providing a personalized experienced in a single solution was a challenge to be overcome.


In order to facilitate Franchise Management at a global level, we developed FranchiseSoft as a solution to work in multiple countries. It includes CRM, Marketing, Analytics, and Media Management functions among others.

Uninterrupted Workflow

our solution has been seamlessly integrated with PayPal, Dropbox, iConnect POS, DocuSign, Authorize.Net and Quickbooks to ensure an uninterrupted workflow.

Marketing management

The solution allows for SMS, Email Marketing Campaigns, direct marketing campaigns to improve outreach.

Easy CRM

Our solution has detailed and accurate CRM functionality.

Digital Library

The FS intranet can quickly access all types of media with smart thumbnail selections for ease of access.


Business Analytics

Our solution has intuitive and powerful reporting, analytics, KPI identification, and complete dashboard functionalities.

Sales Metrics

FS can track contacts, prospective clients and customers, categorize leads and provide insights to enable targeted marketing campaigns

Robust Field Staffing

Our solution can help manage field staff and ensure accurate scheduling of jobs.

Financial Management

FS allows management of financials including royalties from multiple franchises and brands.


The 6Degrees team worked vigorously, right from a careful requirement analysis phase to a rigorous testing phase to build a franchise management solution on that exceeded the clients’ expectations. Our team released a solution which resulted in the following:

Number of Downloads 250+

User Convenience

  • Personalized search filters for easy data retrieval
  • Global market reach and management.
  • Simple insight gathering from dashboards and various metrics.
  • Robust and accurate reporting.
  • Multi-level user accessibility.
  • Automated financial and royalty calculation.
  • Cloud-based to improve remote access.
  • Multiple brand management
Registered franchisors and franchisees.
Customer Opt software to manage their royalties to their franchisee.
User used this software for only their Branding & lead generations
using this software for campaign & surveys.

Technology stack


  • Mobile App
  • ReactReact JS
  • Web Development
  • Node JS
  • Express JS
  • Passport JS
  • MySQL
  • Google Datastore


  • photoshopAdobe Photoshop
  • IllustratorIllustrator


  • FirebaseFirebase
  • Google-MapGoogle Map API

Testing Phase

  • Jira
  • Manual Testing


  • Apple StoreApple Store
  • Play Store Play Store
  • Elastic Beanstalk Elastic Beanstalk