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Supply Chain Management
Salesforce tracking
Order Management
Distributor Management


FBM Software Solution Private Limited was built to address the issue of integrating all supply chain management processes primarily for the FMCG product retailers. The primary functions required were the product flow management to the retailers and distributors. Order detailing and management was also essential. A salesforce tracking with an employee HR module and route planning was required with management and editing capability for product orders and schemes.


In order to implement a detailed supply chain management system, we crafted a custom website and mobile application with multiple features that were all essential in ensuring that the solution was function focused and easy to use.

Salesforce tracking

Our solution provides a user management system to track the live location, attendance and beat for each employee.

Order Management

This feature allows the salesforce team to put in the details for the exact quantities of shipment of product.

Detailed Management

Our solution allows the stable tracking, editing and management of huge amounts of data from multiple sources.

Report generation

The website has a capability for generating reports such as order, sales and employee statistical reports with details like sales, orders and employee beats shown on the dashboard.

Mobile Application

We designed an application for the salesforce features like checking beat assignment, order placement, store addition, self check-ins, and a daily tracker for the admins.


The 6Degrees team worked vigorously, right from a careful requirement analysis phase to a rigorous testing phase to build a supply chain management solution that exceeded the clients’ expectations. Our team released a solution which resulted in the following:

Number of Downloads 5000+

User Convenience Intuitive

  • Application features.
  • Robust and multi-level user management.
  • Accurate Tracking of employees.
  • Simple statistics inference.
Registered employees.
Satisfaction for inventory and output numbers balancing.
Monthly orders.
Salesforce Tracking accuracy.

Technology stack


  • Mobile  Development
  • Android
  • Web Development
  • CSS 3
  • PHP 7
  • MySQL
  • JQuery UI JQuery UI


  • Theme customizationTheme customization


  • Bootstrap 3.3
  • jQuery Map API

Testing Phase

  • Jira
  • Manual Testing


  • awsShared server AWS