Specialization Module in Social Media Marketing

Salient Features of Our Social Media Training in Indore

6DegreesIT’s Social media marketing training in Indore is a training program designed to cater social media marketing strategies and activities to promote brands, businesses and companies. This digital marketing technique is essential to business as it assists in building rank on social media channels such as platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, You-tube etc. With a large number of social media platforms engaging and connecting users, social media marketing helps in generating awareness and sharing information related to products and services of any business or company. Users share and like the related company info and based on this user recommendation, the search engines rank and analyze any website.

Keeping in mind the user interests and preferences, our Social Media marketing specialization module is created such that it imparts the best practices in the market to boost company’s online reputation. Salient features of our social media training in Indore-

  • Instructor-led training sessions for personalized approach
  • Live projects and assignments

Our social media marketing course in Indore provides a deep understanding of analysis on user interest, geographical location, finding target consumers and designing marketing solutions focused on targeting audience to drive maximum ROI for any business. The detailed blueprint of the course will let you know the best practices, tools and resources for social media promotions, advanced techniques to promote the company on social media channels.

Course Overview for Social Media Marketing Specialization Module

  • Social Media Introduction
  • Facebook Organic
  • How to do Facebook Marketing
  • Connecting Content with Facebook for FB Marketing
  • How to grow Audience size organically
  • Analyzing Facebook Insights
  • Twitter
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter Response Mgt
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Brand Marketing
  • Linkedin Insights
  • Social Media Tools

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner and planning to conduct a successful digital marketing campaign for your service or products, our in-depth social media marketing training would benefit. This course would provide insights on creating brand awareness and generate leads. Right from creating social media accounts, creating unique content for the targeted audience, image, graphics and video optimization, our practical training approach derives better results on social networks.