Consulting – IT Strategy

Our expert software consultants, designers, developers, testing analysts and digital marketing professionals work together to offer you complete guidance on software development approach and software development lifecycle. We are a reputable software development company with incredible industry experience and expertise. Our staff has the ability to develop complex software applications that demands high level of logics, insightful & transformational tactics, strategic thinking and pragmatic approach.

At 6Degrees IT, we are determined to address the needs of business software development and managing software projects; we also analyze the present constraints to support exponential development approach. Our advisory brings the broad spectrum of our functions to provide an inclusive, need-based software solution to help our worldwide clients to address their requirements against evolving business environment.

Through our in-depth expertise, experience and knowledge across all software development platforms and projects delivered globally, we have tailored our approaches for the benefit of our clients. 6Degrees IT assists forward-looking companies to move swiftly to leverage new opportunities, propel growth, and exploit innovation while mitigating risks and offering value.

Our consulting services are engineered to assist companies to build lasting competitive edge at every level of the business. We work accordingly with clients to connect strategic vision and deliver scalable output for business model transformation in an exclusive way. We are here to facilitate worldwide clients to deliver business-critical web applications and swing in the right direction to stay ahead of our competitors while helping our customers.

We go far beyond the strategic product development; we also indulge in complete implementation of the software modules/products to go that extra mile with our clients.

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