• Features

    • Compliant with health data security norms
    • Web based system
    • Mobileinterface
    • Multidisease
    • Multi Institution
    • Scalable solution to population level

    How it Works


    • Manage data per patient / per disease
    • Run standardized treatment plans per disease
    • Analyze and Study the effectiveness of each treatment plan
    • Analyze your patient base


    • Record population level data from various hospitals
    • Analyze trends at the global level
    • Demographic dimensioning of data

    Pharmaceutical Companies

    • Record data for oatients using particular medicines
    • Demographic dimensioning of data

    Case Study

    Doctors at India's largest cancer hospital were trying to monitor various treatment types for Myeloma and recording all their data offline. We developed and deployed PDMS where they were able to store data for all their patients centrally and record several metrics by treatment options.
    Researchers within the hospital were also given sanitizedaccess to carry out their research

    • They are now able to run real time reports per patient and for the treatment type data set (temperature movement over 1 week for all patients being treated with Plan A vs Plan B) as well as performance indications / alerts.
    • The cost of staff needed to support the researches with sanitize data has been eliminated
    • There is consideration that the patient maybe give access to this data in the near term


    • As more institutions/patients are added onto the system, the system scaled to become a statistical marvel.
    • Doctors got access to a wealth of data at their finger-tips.
    • Graphic analysis of data allowed for easy decision making.
    • Researchers can get the ability to collect and analyze the data en mass.


    6DegreesIT PDMS solution has been developed with hands-on guidance from India’s leading medical institutions and many eminent doctors. Leading pharmaceutical companies have also supported this collaborative development process.

    In health care organizations, the amount of data processed per patient and the turnover of patients is tremendous. Hence the need for reliability , organization and accuracy. The entire process need to be system-driven.

    To respond to the needs of the Health Care Industry we developed a PDMS on open source concept.