Home Repair SaaS

  • Features

    • Consolidated view of your company – across branches or offices
    • LIVE MAP view of your entire team
    • View and manage your teams schedule in Real time
    • Assign jobs directly to your teams iOS / android phones
    • Send invoices to customers and collect payments
    • Real time , intelligent reporting to help you make smart decisions

    How it works

    • Customer calls and attendant answers via attendant dashboard
    • By zip code address, system locates the customer on a map and displays technicians near the customer, technicians schedule is also displayed
    • Attendant finalizes the appointment directly into the selected technicians schedule
    • Appointment goes to technician's iOS/Android device and a confirmation email goes to customer
    • Technician sees the job description and gets driving directions on their iOS/Android device. technician arrives at the site, assesses the problem and checks inventory directly from their iOS/Android device
    • Technician does the job, works on the invoice on their iOS/Android device and invoice + payment receipt is emailed out to the customer
    • Technician becomes available again on the attendants dashboard
    • Management can see the added customer and revenue + reduced inventory in their dashboard

    Case Study

    A plumbing company in Toronto with 20 trucks was struggling with managing Team schedules and their customers main complaint was a time window "2-6PM". They had no way of tracking payments and ensuring that customers were notified in case the technician was late

    • We stepped into deploy the Home Repair SaaS solution where now all technician have the application on their iPhone / Android device
    • The dispatch knows EXACTLY where the technicianis and the day's schedule for each tech
    • The system automatically calculates skill , proximity and schedule to assign the job to the right technician and the customer can get an accurate appointment right over the phone
    • Techs can send out invoices directly to the customer from their phones and record payments

    Customer benefits

    • Average call time per customer with dispatch came down by 55%
    • Jobs per day per technician increased by 30%
    • Customer satisfaction moved up due to the regular updates sent directly by the system
    • Management has full financial visibility on a daily basis


    • Quick deployment – get started and trained over a weekend !
    • Web and mobile SaaS solution – no hardware costs
    • Process automation – reduce staff workload
    • Live locations and schedules – view your team in real time
    • Real time reporting – visualize your business Instantly !
    • Track ad sources – see what marketing dollars are working for you
    • Customer interaction – be proactive with your customers automatically

    Home Repair SaaS

    This is a web based SaaS model application developed to automate and track the workflow of home repair service providers.

    The solution allows a company to respond to customer request with real time data on the location (on a map) and availability of their field technicians The mobile interface allows the technician to receive and perform job assignments including invoicing and receiving payments from the customer.

    Intelligent dashboards are available for management to have a real time , birds eye view of their business

    6DegreesIT Consultants will work with you to help configure the solution to your needs and get it adopted by your team.

    • Plumbers / Electricians
    • HVAC / Cleaning
    • Service / Installation
    • Franchisors