Excel Business Intelligence

  • Features

    • Fully Customizable to your Business Processes
    • Highly scalable (Multi user , Multi location)
    • Secure – Host it on the cloud or deploy on LAN
    • Intelligent & Customized reporting
    • Access from Anywhere any time , Web or Mobile

    How it Works

    • We Analyze your data & develop a Scalable Database Schema for you
    • We Dicuss Business Intelligence Reporting with you and show you potential Dashboard Views
    • We Provide Data Entry forms & Train your staff on how to use them
    • All your Process Legacy Data is Migrated over into the system
    • We Develop the Dashboards as your users start to Enter data on a Daily basis
    • Once the Dashboards are on Live Data we start to develop Trend Analysis

    Case Study

    Worlds leading Manufacturer of Heat Exchangers was struggling with Sales order processing in a new Country , where staff was Emailing bulk Excel Sheets to submit Order data & production plans.

    There were issues around data consistency, timing, logistics accuracy. The biggest pain point was that in a competitive bidding environment they couldn’t provide the visibility to the production teams needed to revert on pricing & availability request fast enough

    • We stepped into deploy the Excel BI solution where now all the Sales staff had a data Entry form accessible from their Mobile devices & Online
    • Production had a view of the Orders or Quote Request coming back along with an Automated Planning processes to be able to turn around responses
    • When the quotes become orders the same planning Que becomes formalized allowing them to actually plan their production


    • More Bids won due to real time responses
    • Lowered Inventory based on proper production planning
    • Greater Flexibilty for Sales Staff
    • No Additional Hardware cost as this is a Cloud deployment


    • Old Data Migrated to a Database - Secure your Business
    • Excel data moves to an Enterprise Database Schema – Scale
    • Database Schema & Solution Architecture – Organize
    • Data Entry & View Interfaces (Web / Mobile) – Decentralize Data Entry to Reduce Overhead
    • Develop Trend Analysis , Trigger reporting , Exception reporting – Stay on Top of your Process
    • Intelligent Dashboards with Real Time Reports - Compete & WIN !

    Excel Business Intelligence

    Excel Business Intelligence is a solution that converts data sitting in Excel sheets and presents it for editing, viewing & reporting through an easy to use web & mobile interface.

    The heart of this solution is a fully customizable , intelligent & intuitive dashboard giving you real time views of all your data to help you make business decisions that will give your business a competitive edge.

    Any data that is maintained in Excel can now become a powerful application that your stakeholders can access from real time.

    6DegreesIT Consultants can help identify areas where this solution can deliver an impact on your bottom line.