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Can Facebook Messenger Bots Overpower Email Marketing?


With technology evolving and changing around us day by day, marketers have also found ways to adapt to the fast-paced changes, and continuously find new ways of marketing.One of the biggest question that has come about only in the last few months is whether Facebook Messenger Bots are better than Email Marketing.

First, it’s important to understand what the Facebook Messenger Bots are…

Messenger Bots are automated robots that send you messages privately though Facebook Messenger to market their products or services.

One reason that this beats E-Mail is because an individual may have several E-Mail accounts and not a lot of information is provided on those accounts, whereas on Facebook, these bots are able to collect your interests and preferences and the marketers are able to send these automated messages to their target audience.

The advantages of Facebook Bots over Email Include:

  1. 100% Delivery. This is a single system which is always under their control.
  2. Once a marketer gets a subscriber, you become aware of their gender, which Emails do not provide.
  3. Once an individual subscribes, that’s the only time their name will be revealed, which is beneficial for them because it gives them their privacy.
  4. If an individual doesn’t interact with any of the messages then they will not be counted as a subscriber hence not receiving any messages further. Unlike with Email where Emails are sent regardless some of the time.

The overall performance so far of these Facebook Bots are promising:

  1. Open rates are approximately 90% and click rates are always 20% and above.
  2. For broadcasted messages, there is an 86% open rate and 22.8% click through rate.

If all of this is hard to understand, basically what it means is that people are quite responsive to messages they receive on their Facebook Messenger.

Even though a majority of the population uses Email daily, it becomes very unlikely for them to open Emails from marketers, unless they get their eye caught by the Subject of the Email or the Sender. And a lot of the time people who have opened their Email might have opened it for a purpose or their work, whereas people open Messenger during their free time and are more likely to respond and go through the messages from the marketers.

So, can we say that Facebook Bots are beating Email?

Well they definitely have potential, but that will only become a fact when even more marketers begin to use these Bots.

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